Corporate Program

Target: Corporate and Cluster 

An immersive program in Silicon Valley addressed to  companies of the Mentor Board, the shadowing and  tutoring service offered to the startups supported by ART ER within the “Serre di ART-ER” Bologna accelerator and  to the representatives of the regional Clust-ERs, i.e. the  associations set up to foster innovation in Emilia-Romagna  strategic production chains.  

The program enabled participants to learn and analyse  Silicon Valley’s best practices on Open Innovation and  Corporate Innovation, i.e. the way companies introduce  innovation processes through the cooperation with startups,  accelerators and universities. The program organized  meetings with the heads of the Open Innovation Departments  of Accenture Ventures, Silicon Foundry, Airbus Ventures,  Lenovo Innovations, UC Berkeley, Stanford University to  transfer methods and processes to strengthen strategies. 

Results and figures

  • 1 edition in 2019 
  • 5 corporate and 4 Clust-ERs