Incoming Program

Target: Startups and SMEs 

The program addressed to twenty-two high profile regional  innovative companies with a strong potential at an international  level. They had the opportunity of meeting in Bologna ten  investors from Silicon Valley belonging to investment funds,  venture capital and corporate venture capital companies like  Garage Technology Ventures, Band of Angels, Orange, SK  Telecom/SK Group, Soft Bank.  

The program was structured in various operational stages  consisting of the selection of the regional participating  companies, two preparation days with the companies and  two days for meetings and presentations with the investors. 

Upon completion of the program, which in the final stage  took place together with R2B – Research to Business 2019,  American investors were involved in study visits at some  large companies in the region – such as Lamborghini, Ducati,  Carpigiani – and an official meeting with the President of  the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Regional Minister for  Manufacturing Industries, during which they were shown  the regional policies and actions supporting attractiveness.  The program continued with follow up activities with the  participating companies and the group of investors. 

Results and figures: 

  • 1 edition in 2019 
  • 22 companies involved 
  • 10 investors from Silicon Valley @ R2B 
  • 120 meetings held